The geoprocessing laboratory uses latest technology equipments and software for geological and geophysical data analysis, interpretation and processing. We also have a modern workstation in which alumni and researchers can develop a better interaction. Here we have a list of some of the equipment owned by LabGEO:

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer:

Magnetic Susceptibility/Anisotropy Systems:

AGICO Anhysteretic / Pulse Magnetizer (PAM)

Produce a anhysteretic (ARM) and pulse isothermal magnetization (IRM) in sediments and rocks.

Olympus X-ray Diffraction (XRD) System BTX: 

XRF PANalytical Epsilon 3 (PEM-EMU-FAPESP)XRF

The Equipments related to the EMU-FAPESP (Multidisciplinary Equipments) must be requested 15 days in advance following the User Plan with the submission of the Form to labgeo.iousp@gmail.com e jovane@usp.br .

Acoustic Techniques

Poor water analysis: